About Me

Tatiana, mom and slave to B/G twins, a beautiful loving 6 year old big sis Kelsey, a 43 year old manchild & a 4 month old puppy “Paws” (BRILLIANT!). Going from 1 to 5 has taken my brain and turned it into an unrecognizable gelatinous mess, as though it wasn’t bad before! I found myself forever apologizing to all for clumsiness, forgetfulness, stinkiness, confusedness, and on rare massage days, for hairylegness. “Oh sorry the kids have been barfing all night”, “Our babysitter gave the kids sugar right before bed” all justified by saying “I have the worst MommyBrainz”. Then I had that AH HA moment and as soon as I get 10 additional minutes of uninterrupted time, I promise I’ll tell you about it!

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